What is meaningful in my life is connecting with people who care about things of the spirit as I do, wondering how everyday life can be spiritual or searching for a way to deal with a crisis in their life. A high school teacher once said to me, “What’s the point of life? Is it just getting my morning cup of coffee?” A friend cried, “How will I ever get over this relationship?” An acquaintance pondered aloud, “I just said to my therapist, ‘I don’t have any spirituality in my life.’” If spirituality connects with our lives, how does it make a tangible difference?

My life has been profoundly shaped by spirituality. By spirituality, I don’t simply mean ‘religion’. Members of my family include Jews, Christians, agnostics, and atheists. They are physicians and spiritual healers. Together with mentors and friends, they have encouraged me to look beyond surfaces, to wrestle deeper and perceive the not-entirely-visible.

I find ideas in the sacred writings of many traditions meaningful and helpful. My own background is Christian. My spiritual experience and healing practice is based in the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures* by spiritual reformer Mary Baker Eddy. Spiritual growth is a primary focus in my life, and I’ve established a Christian Science healing practice in the San Francisco Bay Area in order to help others – people of all faiths or no faith – improve their lives.

*Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures is available for purchase from: Christian Science Online ShopAmazonaudible.