Hi, I’m Karyn Mandan and I’ve launched this website for people who think of themselves as spiritually curious, seeking, exploring, or dedicated! Curious about what? Or dedicated to what? For me, it’s about finding a spiritual anchor for my life. How does spirituality connect with the ins and outs of daily life? Does being involved in spiritual discovery and practice improve life? I’ll be sharing the ideas that have most benefited me in this journey and that hopefully will inspire, encourage, comfort, and bring hope to you. Many of my spiritual questions and discoveries occur on my frequent hikes in the mountains and even the city…the activity of life all around offers grand lessons!  

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Have you mistaken your identity?

“How unbelievable is this!” I said to myself as I rushed across a crowded store to greet a friend I hadn’t seen in years. As I got closer, however, it was obvious this was not the friend I thought it was. It was only a mistaken identity.

In this case, mistaking someone’s appearance was no big deal. But other times, mistaking what we think we see for the reality that we need to see can have painful consequences. And correcting that misperception can bring healing. … read more (Monitor, audio available)

Embrace the Wilderness

Desolation Wilderness. This region at the crest of the Sierra Nevada mountains is a barren expanse of granite peaks near the edge of the tree line. It is a rugged and unyielding terrain, but also magnificent in its vast, endless beauty. It’s one of my favorite places to hike, … read more (Monitor, audio available) or here (Sentinel online)

Hors de votre zone de confort ?

French translation of “Outside Your Comfort Zone?” Original English article posted June 14, 2021.

Etre dans sa zone de confort, comme je l’ai découvert, ne signifie pas forcément se trouver dans un endroit qui nous est familier, où tout le monde a la même apparence et le même comportement. Il y a quelques années, j’ai vécu une expérience qui m’a fait comprendre que reconnaitre que Dieu maintient toute Sa famille en sécurité et en paix est la meilleure zone de confort qui soit, et celle où je veux demeurer ! … read more (Le Héraut de la Science Chrétienne)